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If you're interested in purchasing commissioned art, details and more information are coming soon.

I am currently taking requests at a project-by-project basis. Please contact me for rates and specs.

CHARACTERS: Group # 001

height: 5'

weight: 85 lbs.
likes: Drums, Comic Books,
Toys, Trivia
dislikes: School days, Bullies
quote: "You gotta be kidding me!"

height: 2'
weight: 1.5 lbs.
likes:Everything Al likes (well...mostly everything)
dislikes: Being left alone
quote: "Meck, meck, meck."

(7'-1" Legs Extended!)
weight: 125 lbs.
likes: Low-brow humor (light to medium), Useless info, Being nosey
dislikes: Being left out, Hot sauce
quote: "Stupar"

height: 5'10"
weight: 250 lbs.
likes: All you can eat buffets, Sports
dislikes: Salads, Roaches (...nasty little critters.)
quote: "When do we eat?"

(5'-3" Neck & Legs Extended!)
weight: 185 lbs.
likes: To analyze everything, School
dislikes: Not being able to figure things out, Low batteries
quote: "Please explain to me again how you think that will actually work?"

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Created by Michael L. Ramirez (MRAM), this comic strip follows a group of kids who have just made the jump from Elementary School to Junior High. It is set on an uncharted planet, which may or may not be in our own galaxy, but curiously mirrors our own planet, Earth. We will follow these misfits as they try to fit into a new social and academic climate which is far different from the ones they were all accustomed to. All while keeping up and maintaining the status quo with Earth's current pop culture. This setting gives this all too familiar story a new twist!