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September 26, 2009
(Originally written in January 2008)

** Note: Obviously, Britney is doing ALOT better these days, but to show how much change has been made (or not), here are some notes our 'observers' made in January of 2008. For her sake, the recent appearances she made this past Summer on the TEEN CHOICE AWARDS and THE DAVID LETTERMAN SHOW should be the only types of media coverage we all should be exposed to.**

"Britney Spears. Wow.

What more is there to say about this fallen star?

"EVERYTIME" her name pops up in the news nowadays, you know that it's not going to be good.

Last Thursday, we managed to Bogart another satellite transmission from your planet. It seems as though Ms. Spears has finally had her breakdown. And ask anyone who was there at ground zero or if you just happened to catch it on your TV sets, MAN, it was NOT pretty!

Let me sum up the facts, so far... What should have been a routine visit with her kids turned into a circus. Britney was with her boys on Thursday afternoon and was supposed to return them to their father "K-FED" (nice name, by the way.) at a set time. Obviously, that didn't happen. She probably thought to herself that it was
"MY PREROGATIVE" to keep them longer, or not even return them at all!

Instead she locked herself in her house with her boys and refused to release them. The authorities and medical assistants finally arrived after a 911 call was placed and they then proceeded to soldier their way through the onslaught of paparazzi to get to the Spears residence to try and reason with the troubled,
"OUTRAGEOUS" former pop star.

Finally, after a few hours, she was brought out strapped by the ankles and wrists on a gurney and taken to the hospital for "mental evaluation." The following day, a judge ordered an emergency hearing and declared her an unfit parent, citing the obvious. Let me add that doctors stated she was under the influence (ERR,...allegedly) of an unknown substance in her system that night, too.


"CRAZY" is an understatement. She's now just plain pathetic.

Ok, she lost visitation rights with her kids a few months ago and was given TEMPORARY visitation rights. Translation? Probation, pretty much. Now after this latest stunt, a judge declared on Friday that she has lost those rights, as well.

Geez, just when you thought this girl's troubles couldn't get any more
"TOXIC". This happens.
What in creation was she trying to do? Outdo her sister for headlines? Try to be the main topic for at least

Wasn't it just a few years ago that this same person who is
"NOT A GIRL, NOT YET A WOMAN" was on her way to becoming the next Madonna? Well, so much for that, huh? (hmm...that's another story in itself.)

C. Aguilera has long since passed her on the popularity and talent polls and alas, even Jessica Simpson has more respectability than Britney now. Yikes.

The end is drawing near for this poor soul, who was
"BORN TO MAKE YOU HAPPY" and if she doesn't realize her deterioration in time and get "STRONGER", it doesn't look like she will be "LUCKY" enough to survive the inevitable.

Britney and Jamie Lynn. Their parents must be so proud."