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November 28, 2009

Last Monday (November 23, 2009), my wife and I went to the taping of George Lopez's new talk show "LOPEZ TONIGHT".

We've been to his stand up shows in the past, listened to his CDs and watched his old show on ABC, of course.

It was a standard live taping format for a late night talk show. We were treated to live music from the house band: Michael Bearden & The Ese' Vatos (GREAT band, by the way) watched interviews with actress Eva Mendez, actor/comedian Craig Robinson (The Office) and listened to the jaw-dropping singing voice from the current Queen Of R & B, Mary J. Blige. And one cannot forget the comedic talents of the man himself, George Lopez. (CHOW!)

All in all it was a fabulous show.


...THAT was not the best part.

At the end of the show taping and several promo clip shootings later, George...er, MISTER Lopez felt a little 'uppity'. He was beaming and having a real great time. He was going on about how he loved the audience and wished that he could take everyone out to party, or bring some alcohol into the studio to get everybody plastered. You know, standard love from a star wanting to show appreciation for his/her fans. I would not have thought any more of it if no event happened. We both enjoyed the day and were content.

The thing is that George WAS serious.

He honestly wanted to do something special for the audience that night.

After some discussion with his producer and staff, they came up with something:

Dinner for everyone at George's expense (The Show's expense, in other words...LOL) Now there were close to 350 people in the audience and they were really trying to find a place local that would be able to accommodate that group number.

Again, I have to say that I would not have thought any less of the man if these plans fell through.
I've been a fan of his and will continue to be one.

Then finally, he made this announcement:

"Everybody here is treated to dinner and drinks at the GORDON BIERSCH in Burbank. All expenses paid courtesy of ME! Just tell the manager that I sent you!"

There was stunned silence then a roar of approval from the 350 fans!

We were all obviously happy, albeit very skeptical.

My wife & I decided to call his bluff.

We drove from the studio to the establishment in great anticipation. When we arrived, my wife and I looked at each other and agreed that if this was just a big joke, that we would just sit down and have dinner anyway and just reflect on the fun day.

We walked up to the hostess, and said " George Lopez...um...sent us?"

We were then walked to our seats and were told that we could order anything on the menu.


Just 1 hour earlier, we were all waiting for the punchline from this comic genius...

...and it never came.

Thank you so much, George Lopez for a great day and making the eve of our 7 year anniversary that much more special.

My wife and I listened to George Lopez's CD in the car on our very first date as an ice breaker and 7 years later, the man basically treated us both out to dinner!

Go figure... =)