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July 18, 2009

Well, besides the obvious disappointment I feel towards this individual (whom I had admired as a football player at one point, by the way) this whole situation speaks towards the current state of your society.

Dog fighting is an abhorrent example of what one would consider a sport. I have heard ALL the arguments for and against this event and I have formed my own opinion. And before all those supporters of this abomination start going off on me, THIS IS JUST MY OPINION! But with that said I have no doubt that I am not the only one that thinks this way.

This isn't just a usual occurrence in the circle of life in the animal kingdom. Pitting two animals against each other for mere entertainment is sickening. Survival of the fittest does not apply here. These animals are not fighting to determine who will lead the pack, or to decide who has right to certain territorial boundaries. This is just a pissing contest concocted by humans. Sad really.

Interviews taken with athletes from various professional associations from the past 2 years have all chimed in and have given their takes on the 'Michael Vick' topic. Everything from shock to ‘what’s the big deal?’ have been heard. The one statement that stands out to me is that this 'event' is a ‘cultural’ thing. This ‘culture’ shows that the only ways to acquire money in these low income communities is to not only deal in drugs, firearms and other illegal activities but to also participate in this type of gambling. Fine, I'll accept that.

So what was Michael Vick’s excuse, then?

He made over $100 Million in salary and endorsements. What reason did he have to participate in those matches, not to mention that he himself organized them? You've got to be kidding me if you're going to say that this was a ‘cultural’ thing? Give me a break. Those organized events in question were happening in a community that boasts homes that range in price from $500,000 and/or higher. Money shouldn't be a problem for the people living in this particular neighborhood wouldn't you say? So you can throw that excuse out of the proverbial window.

The argument in his defense was that this was a racial call because no one ever mentions hunting in the news. An activity which can be deemed a ‘white’ sport. The act of tracking a defenseless animal and killing it from a hundred feet with a high-powered firearm is met with little resistance. Um, against my own beliefs to this ‘sport’ as well, it’s LEGAL! And Dog fighting isn't since I last checked.

Michael Vick wasn't targeted because he is an African–American multi-millionaire. Michael Vick broke the law. Dog fighting is ILLEGAL. Get over it people! He also lied about his involvement repeatedly to the courts. That’s perjury, my friend and another reason why he got tagged.

The news of dog fighting made headlines and everybody was suddenly up in arms! Yet there are violent deaths on your planet everyday and it seems that almost no one cares. Is your society so immune to news of people getting killed that you've basically accepted it as commonplace? That’s sad.

Lastly, if you want to use a dog that’s bred to fight, may I recommend a German Shepherd? I think the results will be more to your liking.

You sick bastards.