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December 12, 2009

Tiger Woods is human.

Anybody that thought otherwise probably thinks that the 'Tooth Fairy' still patrols the night skies keeping an eye out for discarded molars and incisors.

Tiger also announced Friday that he will be taking an indefinite leave of absence from the sport he has dedicated most of his life to.

Good move.

I say that with the assumption that he will try to repair the damage he has caused his family with the same dedication that he has shown in becoming the world's # 1 golfer. If he can do that, then he will be fine.

Am I disappointed? Of course. But not like a parent that just found out that their child just robbed a bank. More like a parent looking at a bad report card.

The only people he hurt are his friends and family. He does not owe the public anything.

We are all guilty of building these sports icons into these god-like beings incapable of any wrong doing. For example, Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. We are also all guilty of wanting to see the mighty fall after we have built them up. I try to model myself after athletes I take a liking to by how they play. NOT by how they live their personal lives.

We, as fans, are all on the outside looking in and that's how it should remain. Who did Tiger spend his time with? How many women were there?

Who cares?

That really is none of our business.

Tiger Woods has to rebuild his family and personal life. If that means saying goodbye to Golf for now, so be it. If he is really sincere in "doing whatever it takes" to make Elin (his wife) happy again, then this is the path he must take. The path he SHOULD take.

There are plenty of stories on how a Tiger got his stripes. We all know how this one lost his.

Tiger Woods is not perfect. Nobody is.

Tiger Woods is human.