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By duvalia
July 11, 2010

Living in the world of instant messaging, texting, and constant status updates it’s normal to come across misspelled words and messages like “omg i lyk totally PWNED u!”, “i’ll c u l8r” and “kthx bai”. But if you’re writing a newspaper article or an essay for school? Run a spell check or at least stick the word in a search engine box if you‘re too lazy to look for a dictionary.

Texting someone? Then write whatever way you want. Understandably, it’s a hassle to type whole words out and people expect quick replies. Though sometimes it can be annoying when unknown acronyms start popping up and you have to search the internet for what they mean.

But to be fair, I’m a horrible speller who still manages to screw up the written English language. So for the most part, poor grammar and lack of correctly spelled words doesn’t bother me. Key words being “for the most part”. We all have our pet peeves. At the top of my list…

Trending topic: #yourlame

I click the link and ninety-eight percent of tweets are “#yourlame because” whatever lame reason.

You fail because of your lame grammar.