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by duvalia
August 8, 2010

Screw the sensuality of a beautiful woman having her blood drained by her mysterious unknown visitor and those two measly little marks left on her neck after he‘s finished with his meal. It’s all about the blood spattering aftermath of a zombie sinking its teeth into your flesh and tearing out your innards!

Okay, so maybe zombies are just as old a subject as vampires, but blasting your way through hordes of vampires doesn’t sound as fun (though I’m sure some of you may disagree if you have something against those sparkly ones that seem to be so popular nowadays).

While there are some variations in the way people portray the blood sucking undead, those changes never really stray away from what’s been done before. The slight differences range from how sunlight/water/garlic/etc affects vampires to some ‘power’ they might possess.

However, the brain eating undead may have an unfair advantage as ‘the infected’ seems to have become synonymous with ‘zombies’ thus creating a broader range of possibilities. You can have the T-Virus infected from the Resident Evil series, the exceptionally infected beings from the Left 4 Dead series or the simple pole vaulting zombies of Plants versus Zombies.

And then you have zombie movie quotes like “Are you a fighter, Fish Queen, or zombie food?"

Hmm... Maybe vampires do win this round.