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by duvalia
August 29, 2010

One thing I’ve never been able to understand is how parents can blame fast food places for their child’s obesity. Yes, I’ll agree that these fast food joints are enablers, but damn, take some responsibility. Do you really not have the power to get your child something else to eat?

Ever heard of exerting some self control? Or using your brain?

Okay, I’ll be sympathetic and let’s say you have a brat of a child who LOVES burgers and really won’t eat thing anything else. First off, YOU’RE still the parent. If you’re getting bossed around by a four year old, than that’s a different problem altogether. Secondly, the world is getting more health conscious and healthier foods are becoming more available. Some turkey or veggie burgers instead?

But if you really decide to let your child eat the unhealthier (and most likely tastier) burgers, then do so in moderation. Turn off the TV and get your child outside playing. Take some responsibility for your children’s health. They’ll thank you for it later.