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September 26, 2010

Many of us to hold onto the past and wonder what might have been instead of living for the day and embracing what the future may hold.
It's only human.
The thing is that we really never have full control of what happens to us. Call it fate, but it's only natural to look at things through a pessimist's eyes rather than the those of the proverbial optimist.

Life is indeed TOO short. We've all heard that time and time again. The sad truth is that a majority of us unfortunately do not realize that fact until it is much too late.

We stress about our present jobs (or lack thereof), as well as our weight issues and relationship woes.

You know, if we put as much energy into trying to remedy those situations as we do complaining about them, then guess what?

Ding, ding.

Things will obviously get better. Heck, it can't get any worse, right?

Life is full of challenges, People.

It's how we meet those challenges that will determine our state of mind, well-being and level of happiness.

It really is easier to frown than it is to smile. The first challenge is to smile more.

I always did like challenges. So I wonder what made me stop trying to win?

Wow, all that by just looking in the mirror this morning.

*FYI, above is the sign for POSITIVITY =)