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June 18, 2009

Last week I was interviewed by Michael Aushenker from over at www.cartoonflophouse.com!

Michael is the publisher of some of the funniest humor comics in print, including GREENBLATT THE GREAT!, THOSE UNSTOPPABLE ROGUES, EL GATO, CRIME MANGLER and other classic comic books by the GREAT MICHAEL AUSHENKER. =)

In addition to Mike being a fine artist (and I don't mean appearance-wise... or maybe I do, I don't know.) Maybe it's that we were both classmates in high school back in the days when Michael Jackson was dating Brooke Shields and Emmanuel Lewis was their love child. We also endured 3 years of being in a program that magnetized 'gifted' students within the confines of an institution called FAIRFAX HIGH SCHOOL. Which, as fate would have it, just happens to be the epicenter of the Visual Arts Program in the entire Los Angeles Unified School District!

In my opinion, anyway.

Moving right along, Monsieur Aushenker is a very humorous individual, to say the least. There is WAY too many things that keep us from seeing the positives in life and because of that we sometimes lose our ability to laugh. His site helps take a load off by a few big chunks!

His aim, as well as mine, is to help take some stress out of our daily lives with different takes on the world around us. Some days are harder than others, I totally understand, but try to take some time off and enjoy life. Have fun. Read a comic book, or visit a recommended comic site. (ahem...hint, hint.)

Either the experience will help you take the edge off life a little...

...or you'll have a have a good old-fashioned psychotic episode.
(Results may vary...)

By the way, here is said interview! Enjoy...