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THE OBSERVATORY - Introduction

Greetings from URTH!

Thanks to the information taken from the intercepted transmissions of your orbiting satellites, we on this planet, URTH, are able to study your planet and learn what makes you EARTH-lings tick. Our planet, strangely enough, has been heavily influenced by EARTH's many cultures, which is both good & bad. This came as a result of said "intercepted transmissions". Your "Big Blue Marble" has been under our observation since your EARTH year of 1976 by our copycat elders...er,scientists. They have studied your planet's history, past & present.

Their results? Human beings are, for lack of a better word, unpredictable.

The following entries that will be placed in this OBSERVATION LOG will contain the information gathered from our studies and will also have our opinions on random topics. There will also be occasional reports from our veteran scout, "MRAM" who has been wandering your planet since 1976, as well.

All in all, these collected findings will be subject to our "Rants & Raves" and will be archived in the data banks of The Observatory. So be warned,
we are always watching.

Act accordingly.