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August 15, 2009

Was it that long ago when a certain film ultimately changed the lives of so many people? The images of spaceships racing across the stars in a galaxy far, far away captured the imagination of moviegoers and hasn’t let go since. All through my childhood, images so wild were only seen in fragmented views in my craziest dreams. Yet in an instant, I was literally beside myself as explosions rocked the speakers of the movie theater while the heart-thumping soundtrack made my heart race from anticipation with each passing scene.

May 25, 1977...

Until that unforgettable day, my impression of an “out of this world” character was found in the form of a 25-foot mechanical shark named “Bruce” that terrorized the shores of Amity, Long Island. Or a troubled young office worker who commanded rats and even an African-American Dracula! Now who could have ever imagined what was in store for us next?

There were so many movies that dealt in harsh reality or the dark side of the human mind during the mid-1970's. Now don’t get me wrong, there was absolutely nothing wrong with many of those films. Who wasn’t entertained by watching the lives of the Corleone family, or to witness the horror of the effects of demonic possession in a little girl? But unfortunately, that was it. Somewhere along the line, we lost our innocence. The eyes that we used to view the world as a child was slowly closing shut. Our ability to dream of far away places, rescuing damsels in distress and to cheer on a band of heroes that were determined to defeat a powerful villain were close to non-existent. It wasn’t fashionable anymore, I guess.

The closest thing we got to a Science Fiction or a Futuristic based movie was watching a space station’s computer go berserk on it’s crew, a band of white suited, black bowler hat-wearing thugs that bathed in a cesspool of Sex & Ultra-Violence and a planet overrun with a civilization of hybrid primates. (…ah, those damn dirty apes.)

After so many movies showing a bleak or a post-apocalyptic view of a possible future, we needed an alternate view to lift our spirits, even if it meant watching campy television reruns of the voyages of the U.S.S Enterprise. Even though it’s 5-year mission only lasted 2 seasons. =)

The irony of this particular science fiction movie was that it was set not in the future, but in the PAST! Now how’s that for a twist?

In one afternoon, everybody became a kid again. We remembered how to dream and to actually feel good in the post-Vietnam years. It was hip to root for the “Good-Guys” once more. There was a breath of fresh air and optimism for the future of our children, as corny as that may sound. How many kids were inspired from what they had seen ultimately became Astronauts, or Scientists? Not to mention countless others that went on to become Movie Makers, Designers, Computer Programmers, Illustrators and even Toy makers?

Well, I was one of those kids.

Over 30 years ago, a dreamer from Northern California with a far-fetched idea turned his vision into reality. Thanks to that man, I am proud to say that my own little world, called the CYNIK UNIVERSE, is a result of my childhood experiences, and subsequent inspiration of events that happened A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…


maurice sallave said...

nice. So where do I play a part in this? LOL!