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August 1, 2009

You know what drives me nuts? The fact that you Earthlings, especially American Earthlings, cannot seem to take responsibility for your own actions. Now, that does not apply to all, but to a vast majority?


So, if you are one of those sad few that do blame yourself for everything, then obviously I'm not talking about you. But please try to get help, for your own well-being.

Ok, for the rest of you guilt-less freaks...

If your child is fat and does NOT have any health issues to make him so, why would you blame McDonald's for it? Aren't you the one feeding him the food? Why not feed him something else? And if you are on low-income housing and welfare, Ramen Noodles are about 4 for one earth dollar. If not, go into into the kitchen and feed him real food. Third plates? Tell him NO! It's your child. Take responsibility for him.

Let's say you are holding a hot cup of coffee. You know it's hot because that's what you ordered. You take a sip and burn your tongue. Are you really going to hold Starbucks accountable for selling you the hot coffee? You ordered it! You knew it was hot from the get-go. But even though that was your own blunder, you conjure up some lame lawsuit to gain some extra cash to pay your gambling debt. Again, the debt is your own fault.

Lastly, imagine this hypothetical scenario: You're driving in your car juggling between chatting on your cell phone and munching on breakfast before work. You rear end the guy in front of you. You jump out of the car, scream at the other driver, and cry about how you'll see him in court. Another situation where you should be held liable for your own actions. You want someone to blame? Hold up a mirror and smile in it.

I'm not saying I do not understand you. It's much easier to criticize and condemn someone else for your own actions. Blame is a hard thing to accept.

What I am saying is simply this: YOU did it! YOU should be held responsible! Grow some balls and take it, just like everyone else.

So please, Earthlings, frivolous lawsuits and inconsiderate actions are what make us (advanced lifeforms) wonder how you can all coexist without killing each other. Oh, wait...

You do that, too.